How do I generate leads?


Outbound VS Inbound Marketing
There are two main marketing lead generation channels:

Outbound marketing
Inbound marketing
If you’re not 100% clear on the difference between inbound and outbound, here’s a quick breakdown:

Essentially, outbound marketing interrupts your customer’s workflow, and “demands” their attention. By contrast, inbound marketing draws your customer into your funnel, and “earns” their attention.

the difference between the Inbound marketing and Interruption marketing

Now that we’ve figured out the main types of leads and identified the two main lead generation channels, we’re almost ready to jump into the best strategies for generating leads in 2021 and beyond.

But before we get started, let's have a quick overview of how lead generation changed over time so that we have a better understanding of the direction lead generation is heading in today.

Then And Now
Back in the day, lead generation techniques were pretty straightforward.

Marketers would typically do one of these things:

Run a TV commercial
Run an advertorial in a magazine, or
Buy an email list, and spam the list with promotional offers
Today, the landscape or lead generation has changed drastically.

The goal is no longer to hit your customers with as many ads as possible, but instead to increase your visibility so that your customers come to you.

So, what changed between then and now? The internet wave happened!

Before the internet became easily accessible, consumers experienced a great deal of information scarcity. The information that they consumed depended mostly by the big media companies that controlled print media and broadcast.

But when the internet (and Google) became a thing, information was suddenly abundant and easily accessible.

Fast forward to 2021, where consumers not only have information available at their fingertips, but are constantly bombarded by brands trying to market to them.

And this means that pressure is being applied at both ends: the average consumer’s attention span has shrunk, and they’ve also gotten more selective about what they pay attention to.

Just think about the last time you logged into Facebook, for example.

Did you read every single one of your friends’ status updates while you were scrolling through your newsfeed? Did you pay attention to every sponsored post that you saw?

Probably not.

The same thing applies to consumers, both B2B and B2C. People are so sick and tired of getting bombarded by ads everywhere they turn, they’re flat out ignoring them.

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